Team Street Legal/Strip Lethal©

Team Street Legal/Strip Lethal is a joint street legal promotional and racing effort between DC Performance Motorsports, and MoparMax Magazine, a Racing Net Source publication. The team’s unique position with its one-of-a-kind pair of drivers, proven crew chiefs, dual street legal drag cars, and built-in promotional networking opportunities make it one of the freshest new PR opportunities in motorsports.

The team consists of two street legal cars, a Dodge Viper and a late model Dodge Magnum. When completed the Viper will be a fully street legal seven second car and the Magnum is currently a high ten second car at the track. Yet, both cars carry passengers, are licensed and registered and can be driven on the road to the track where they win races.

Put a heavy emphasis on Street Legal because the team does. They have discovered that crowds at the track, car shows, and other venues just love to see the grocery getter Magnum Wagon. At the track they root for the car as it goes rounds against everything from altereds to dragsters, and they cheer when it wins races. People identify with the team’s cars because they are real cars, they see them on the street and the track and they connect with that.

To reinforce the Viper and Magnum’s “cred” as true street cars, the cars will be driven from Los Angeles to Detroit in late May 2012 to join the Hot Rod Power Tour on June 2nd in Detroit. The car will be driven in the tour over the next seven days to Arlington, Texas, participating in Power Tour events along the way.

Beyond Racing – A Fresh New Marketing Concept

Drag racing offers one of the best ROI opportunities in motor sports (see next section for details). But Team Street Legal/Strip Lethal goes beyond racing, by being truly street legal cars sponsored by the best and highest online circulation Mopar licensed magazine, MoparMax. The stories of the cars will be covered in MoparMax magazine and it’s sister publication Drag Racing Online. Indeed, MoparMax has been following the story of “The Maulin’ Magnum” since May of 2011. The Viper and Magnum’s drive to Detroit, the Power Tour, and the aftermath will be covered in the magazine. And of course their racing exploits, as both cars campaign for championships in NHRA, PSCA, WCHRA and NMCA racing series.

The cars themselves are rolling press releases. On the way to Detroit, the cars can make stops in selected cities. Since the cars have legal passenger seats, rides can be given to sponsor personnel, children and others through charities or youth organizations, local TV and print media—the options are almost endless. Both cars will proudly and prominently carry sponsor and Jegs Foundation Racing for Cancer Research logos—cancer has touched the lives of all the team’s principles, from Alex and Richard’s mothers to Lyles friends and family. The cars are great vehicles for connecting with children, and the team will gladly participate with the Foundation to help brighten people’s day whenever possible. Childrens’s and adult hospitals, fund raising events, promotional events, the cars are perfect attention getters anywhere they go. Coordinating with local broadcast and print media for these story ops will help ensure a constant high profile for the cars, the brands and the cause.

During the Power Tour, video will be shot at all stops and posted to the Magazine’s YouTube channel. Photos will be uploaded frequently to the team’s and driver’s Facebook pages. Unlike pure race cars, Team Street Legal/Strip Lethal generates impressions and coverage regardless of qualifying and winning races. But, of course, these cars will be raced, and even then the team offers a highly unique and publicity prone angle (see Our Drivers section).

The team cars are perfect vehicles for advertising and promoting Jegs extensive catalog of street and strip products as they appear not just at races but also car shows and other street focused events.

About the Sport of Drag Racing

Drag Racing is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle, and today is a perfect time to get involved. Drag Racing is exploding, both in size and scope and not only will you find the one-to-one communication with fans you have been trying to reach in your Marketing disciplines, but an ROI platform that will transform the way you look at Sponsorship spending. While the sport is exploding, your pockets will not as Drag Racing offers a cost effect way to expose your product or service to a fanatical and passionate fan base, for a reasonable cost.

As stated above, Drag Racing also offers the best ROI in sports. The best demographics information on drag racing fans comes from the NHRA. With over 250,000 NHRA participants nationwide racing nearly every night of the week somewhere in America, sponsors can exponentially grow their user base and use drag racing as a core sales tool. The sales opportunities are truly endless.

  • NHRA is world's largest motor sport organization.
  • 98% of NHRA attendees feel positively about companies that support the NHRA.
  • There are over 80,000 NHRA drag racers in the US.
  • Over 170,000 drag racers in non-NHRA series in the US.
  • 91% of attendees are likely to take part in a promotion linked to the NHRA.
  • Over 90% of NHRA fans are likely to try a new product, service, or promotion for the first time if it's a sponsor of the NHRA.
  • 89% of NHRA attendees are likely to purchase the product of an NHRA sponsor over that of a non-sponsor.
  • 66% of NHRA attendees switched brands to support an NHRA sponsor.
  • 24.8 million Americans are fans of NHRA drag racing--14.7% of the U.S. population.
  • Drag racing is the #1 participatory motor sport in America, and the #2 motor sport among spectators.
  • Annual household income of NHRA fans is $72,900.
  • Nearly 60% of NHRA fans live in households of 3 or more.

Our Drivers

Talent, deep experience, proven world class skills, youth, and beauty, are words that describe our driving team. Wait, “youth and beauty?” Yes, we have two drivers that are as perfectly complimentary, as perfectly “Yin and Yang” as possible.

Lyle Larson

Lyle Larson, our Senior Driver, made his first pass down a drag strip 50 years ago and hasn’t stopped since. He’s worked for and with an amazing array of automotive industry people and companies, including Dale Armstrong, Jeb Allen, Kenny Duttwieler, Jack Roush, Vic Edelbrock, Jr., and Sig Erson as well as companies like Edelbrock, Del West, General Kinetics Cams, Sig Erson Cams, McLaren Engines, Douglas Aircraft....well, you get the picture. Lyle has done research and development on racing engines, chassis, drive train components and instrumentation, with his specialty being valve trains—he lists one of his biggest accomplishments in the high performance industry as designing the industry's first camshaft spin fixture.

Lyle can also drive, he has held NHRA licenses in Pro Stock and all classes up to and including Top Alcohol Dragster. He’s traveled the 1/4 mile in 6.22 Seconds at over 220 MPH. As a crew chief, he teamed with Billy Williams when they won the Grace Cup and World Championship in Top Alcohol in 1979, and for Jeb Allen when they won Top Fuel at the 1980 Gator Nationals.

Lyle’s deep experience will ensure that the car is optimized for success on the track. Lyle also serves as mentor and driving coach to our Junior Driver, Alex Rogeo.

Video of Lyle Larson making a 9.63 second pass at 146 mph in a Viper drag race car.

Alex Rogeo

Alex Rogeo is a one-of-a-kind race car driver. She is naturally talented, having achieved success in her rookie year that many seasoned veterans never do. She is an extremely photogenic person, working as a model and spokeswoman. She is very comfortable in front of the camera, not only stills from her modeling, but also video from her experience as an actress. She is also a highly talented singer with over 7 years of voice training and many professional musical theater productions to her credit, including ones with famous name actors.

Alex has her own promotional website,, where she blogs several times a week, has a photo gallery, a store, and song demos.


  • Eight weeks after turning a wheel in competition for the first time, Alex grabbed the #1 Qualifier spot in the Pacific Street Car Association’s (PSCA) California Nationals at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California in May, 2011.
  • Eleven weeks after that, Alex won the West Coast Hot Rod Association’s (WCHRA) Shootout at Sundown race at Auto Club Raceway Famoso, in McFarland, California.
  • Eight weeks after her maiden win, Alex backed it up by making the finals in the Pacific Street Car Association’s (PSCA) Lucas Oil Slick Mist race at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
  • Alex qualified for races (making the final 16) nine times in her first 14 races.
  • Alex advanced to the quarter-finals or better eight times.
  • Ended the season in top ten of PSCA, despite running only 4 of the 7 races. Alex averaged more points per race then any other driver in the top ten.


  • Alex was on the cover of a special Auto Show edition of Autoweek magazine in 2011.
  • Alex won 5.0 Mustangs & Fast Fords Babe of the Month contest for September, 2011.
  • Alex appeared in numerous photo shoots for sponsors and online publications in 2011.
  • Alex was invited to the 2011 SEMA show by one of her sponsors, Magnuson Superchargers, as their official Spokesperson for their dealer promotional efforts.
  • Alex was Runner Up in the PSCA bikini contest at the Showdown at Sundown race in July, 2011.

On Camera

  • Alex starred in the video, EASY-Detailing, a Complete Guide to Automotive Detailing. The video is available through and retailers.
  • Alex interviewed Matt Hagan for MoparMax magazine’s online video channel.
  • Alex interviewed Melanie Troxel on Women in Drag Racing for Drag Racing Online magazine’s online video channel.


  • Alex was a featured singer in the NoHo Arts Center’s A Broadway Christmas in Los Angeles. The show featured actors and singers from TV and Broadway. Alex received rave reviews for her solos.
  • Alex sings the National Anthem for PSCA races, and will sing at other race series in 2012.
Alex Rogeo wins WCHRA race

Alex in trailer for EZ-Detailing DVD

Our Crew Chiefs

Lyle Larson - In addition to driving, Lyle Larson will bring his proven, world championship winning crew chief skills to the team. As both a driver and a crew chief, Lyle has the best possible perspective on what the car is doing and what it needs. Lyle’s position as Research & Development Consultant to DC Performance—the premiere Viper performance shop in the US—means that Team Street Legal/Strip Lethal has one of the most knowledgeable Viper and Hemi experts extant behind it.

Richard Kratz

Co-crew chief, Richard Kratz has the education, training and experience that makes for an ideal crew chief. Originally trained and licensed as an FAA Airframe and Powerplant mechanic, he worked on everything from Cessnas to Boeing 747s to military aircraft like the B1 bomber. He went on to engineering school studying aeronautical engineering before switching his major to computer programming and finally to business.

Richard began racing motorcycles at age eight, and by sixteen was racing circle track. He went on to race SCCA road races and Landspeed Record racing with SCTA at El Mirage dry lake and the Bonneville Salt Flats. Richard briefly held a World Landspeed record on a 1989 BMW K750S turbocharged motorcycle. He designed and built the bike innovating a then-revolutionary twin computer controlled dual fuel injection system.

Richard worked as a consultant for many years as a technical writer, where, he says laughing, he helped engineering geeks write in a language ordinary people could understand. He founded a web development company in 1994 and expanded it in 1999 into technical writing and instructional design services, with a Fortune 500 client list.

It’s Richard’s combination of mechanical, engineering, and writing skills that allows him to wear the two hats of racing crew chief and auto magazine Editor-Publisher.

Dan Cragin

Dan Cragin, President of DC Performance, who has worked with Lyle Larson (in his position as a R&D consultant) for many years, brings his unequaled depth of knowledge and experience of Dodge Vipers to the project. Dan was one of the original factory trained Viper Technicians, and has personally worked on several hundred Vipers since its inception in 1992. Dan has extensive road and drag race experience and is acknowledged as one of the top five Viper experts in the country.

Cragin is best known for his raw drive and calm, relaxed demeanor. An established winner in sports and competition, Dan’s career as a business owner has been marked by continuous innovation, with a constant search for better ways to do things. Some of Dan's accomplishments include second place for Mopar in the Formula Drift series, numerous Viper Challenge series championships, Worlds Fastest NHRA certified SRT Viper, Worlds Fastest street legal Viper truck and Fastest Viper at Mopars at the Strip and World Record 1 mile shootout at the Nevada Open Road Challenge.

With Dan and Lyle combining their talents, Project Street Legal Viper is assured of the highest level of Viper technical backing this side of a factory racing effort.

MoparMax Magazine

Richard is Editor-Publisher of MoparMax magazine, a print and online magazine dedicated to fans of Chrysler/Dodge and Plymouth cars. He began as a contributing editor writing late model Hemi technical articles and stories and was asked to take over the reins of the magazine in September, 2011. He brought Alex onboard as an Editorial Assistant and official Test Driver. MoparMax is a publication of Racing Net Source, LLC, which also publishes Drag Racing Online and ChevyMax.

His contacts and the network of the entire Racing Net Source group provide networks and connections to Dodge, Mopar and to most major aftermarket companies for the racing team. Team Street Legal/Strip Lethal cars are both project cars for the magazine, and are sponsored by the magazine. The car’s preparation, testing and participation in the Hot Rod Power Tour will be fully covered in the magazine, providing exposure to a national audience of dedicated Mopar fans. Racing exploits will be covered through both MoparMax and Drag Racing Online.

In addition to obvious exposure through the ongoing magazine coverage, Richard’s knowledge of the magazine business in general, and motor sports publication business in specific, provides myriad opportunities for brand promotion and cross-company/publication synergies.


Team Street Legal/Strip Lethal has partnerships with sponsors for the major systems and needed services on its race cars. These sponsors are involved because they have seen the value and ROI that the team offers. They see the value in the cars at the races, but more importantly on the street as rolling public relations machines. They have access to Alex Rogeo personal appearances at select company events. Team sponsors know they are partnered with one of the most attention getting young drivers in drag racing and that she is backed by an experienced crew and driving mentor that know how to give her the car she needs to use her talents to win races and championships, increasing the PR value of our whole package.

Current Sponsors, Team (including the Maulin’ Magnum):
DC Performance, MoparMax Magazine, Easy Elegance, Magnuson Superchargers, Nitrous Express, Strange Gears, The Driveshaft Shop, OS Giken, Unitrax Drivetrain, Westminster Transmission, Continental Torque Convertors, Diablosports, Mickey Thompson, Richmond Gears, Mechanixwear, and MSD Ignition.

Primary Sponsorship Available

Project Street Legal Venom is looking for a primary sponsor for the 2012 season and beyond. Primary sponsorship entitles you to:

  • Prominent name/logo placement on the side of the cars.
  • Prominent name/logo placement on driver’s jacket and crew uniforms.
  • Prominent signage in pits.
  • Prominent name/logo placement on tow vehicles and trailers.
  • Prominent advertising on the team website and on website.
  • Feature named sponsor on blogs and Facebook pages.
  • Creation of YouTube video(s) featuring Alex Rogeo, the race car, and your company namelogo, product and services.
  • Alex Rogeo personal appearances at company functions and events (if associated with a race or event on the team calendar in your city). For appearances outside of the team’s regular calendar, additional compensation for travel and expenses may be required.
When possible, appearance in the magazine of the company name/logo on the race cars.

Contact Information